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Tecno Phantom Z in Nigeria


The Tecno Phantom Z is also called the Tecno A7. It is one smart phone many people will love to use. This model hit the market in July, 2014 and has been making waves since then. Below are some of the best features of this mobile phone.

Packaging and accessories
This phone comes in a beautiful package with accessories to attract buyers. If you buy this phone, you get a Smart Cover and a 5200MaH power bank. You also get a USD cable, earphone and battery.

Battery capacity
You can use the Tecno Phantom Z for close to a day if the battery is fully charged. Tests carried out on the 3030mAh battery indicate that you can definitely get 20.21 hours out of this phone. You get this output with a combination of calls, browsing and watching videos.

This phone comes with high quality back and front cameras so you can take great photos with it. The back camera has 16 mega pixels while the front camera has 8 mega pixels. The best thing about the Tecno A7 camera is that it comes with a dual LED flash light so you can take pictures even when it is dark.

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Operating system
This mobile phone comes with the Android KitKat 4.4.2. This is an upgrade because previous models of Tecno phones were Android Jellybean 4.2.2. With the Android KitKat 4.4.2, you can do more with this phone. Another advantage is that OTA update is available for users of this phone.

Network and SIM card
This phone comes with a dual SIM and dual standby configuration. It operates with a number of network bands so it will definitely work with most networks except the ones in China and parts of Korea. The network quality is also good and this makes surfing with the phone convenient for its users.

Memory and RAM
The Tecno A7 comes with an internal memory of 32GB. There is no provision for an external memory card but this is not a problem because the internal memory should be sufficient for most users of this device. This phone also comes with 2GB RAM and this is quite high even though some competitors offer products with 3 GB RAM.

Processor and CPU
This phone has both a CPU and a GPU. The CPU is a real Octa Core Central Processing Unit because it works effectively without draining battery power. This is why you can play high definition games without lag.

Connectivity and Sensor
Great Features Of The Tecno Phantom Z

This phone comes with WiFi, WiFi Hotspot, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS and AGPS connectivity features. The Tecno Phantom Z also has Gyro, Light and proximity sensors. All these features make this phone a truly advanced and modern device.

Minor shortcomings
The Tecno Phantom Z is not perfect. It has no provision for an external memory card and the pictures are not as sharp they should be. Hopefully, these things will be corrected in newer models of the Tecno A7.

Final word
The Tecno Phantom Z is a great product for people who love smart phones. You can surf the web, listen to music and watch movies with this smart phone. You can also play games and generally have fun with this great device. This is why the Tecno A7 is popular among smart phone lovers.

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