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Shopping for Samsung Phones

According to research carried out by Strategy Analytics, Samsung smartphones account for more than 20% of the global smartphone vendor market share. The closest competitor is Apple's iPhones with vendor market share that ranges from 11%-14%. In the US, figures published by Kantar show that the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S8 accounted for 28.9% of smartphone sales in 2016. The key considerations when shopping for a Samsung phone include:

Mobile OS
Although majority of Samsung phones run the Android OS, some run other OS's. For instance, the Samsung Omnia range run the Windows Phone 7 OS, which Microsoft says is more attractive, intuitive, and easy to use than the clunky and unwieldy Windows Mobile 6.5. What's more, it supports a full mobile office suite making it ideal for heavy users of Microsoft Office. Samsung has also introduced a smartphone that runs its own operating system, Tizen. The smartphone, dubbed Z1, is mostly sold in developing economies such as India.


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A marker report published by eMarketer shows that smartphone owners in the US spend an average of four hours on their phones every day. For this reason, you should select a Samsung phone with battery specs that suit your needs. For instance, Samsung's Galaxy Note5 and S6 edge+ come with a 3000mAh battery that supports fast charging. In fact, Samsung says this battery can charge fully in 90 minutes -- from zero charge -- when connected to a power source with a cable. Wireless charging (via charging pad) normally takes about 30 minutes longer to achieve the same results.

The Worldwide Image Capture Forecast published by InfoTrends estimated that 810 billion photos were taken in 2014. A market report from Deloitte reckons that the one trillion mark was passed in 2015 and it is now inching towards double-digit trillion territory. To ensure your photos are sharp and crisp, go for a Samsung smartphone with at least a 14 to 16MP rear camera and a 4 to 6MP front camera. This will enable you to take clear and quality photos/selfies. Phones that fit this description also come with impressive image/video editing features that you can use to produce stunning photography.

Cell Phone Carrier
Identify the phone carriers available and evaluate their coverage, data connectivity and pricing, text message offerings, voice quality, and overall reliability. At the same time, make sure the carriers support the Samsung phone you want. A survey carried out by Consumer Reports National Research Center found that 40% of phone users change carriers to enjoy faster data services, better customer care, and reliable coverage. Some of the carriers operating in the US include AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, and T-Mobile. It is important to note that some carriers offer plans that support unlocked phones while others do not. Unlocked phones are not tied to specific carriers because they are usually purchased from manufacturers or third-party retailers. Such phones enable users to switch carriers easily. In general, large carriers tend to have better coverage and support a wider range of phone brands.

Shop around and compare the price of the phone you intend to purchase across authorized dealers and e-tailers. You can easily do this using a web-based price comparison engine. When purchasing a Samsung phone tied to a carrier, remember to evaluate the pricing of voice, text messaging and data plans.

Touch Features
Since majority of Samsung phones come with a touchscreen, evaluate the touch features because some models support certain touch capabilities, whereas others do not. For example, the Samsung Galaxy S6 supports a more advanced Swipe ID reader than the Galaxy S5.

Samsung produces two types of phones:

Feature phones

Feature phones only support basic communication features like voice calling and text messaging. Examples include the Samsung B3410, Samsung GenoA C3510, Samsung Flip E1150, and the Samsung E1130. On the other hand, Samsung smartphones including the popular Galaxy S series come with advanced features including voice assistant, heart rate monitor, and facial recognition. However, high-end Samsung phones are expensive.

If you are shopping for a Samsung phone, there are certain factors that you should evaluate carefully. These include cell phone carrier, battery specs, OS, camera, touch features, type, and price. Unlike other brands, Samsung produces phones that suit the needs of diverse consumer levels. This includes the soon-to-be-released Samsung Galaxy S8 (high-end), Galaxy Ace (mid-range) and Samsung B3310 (low-end/feature).

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