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Parallels Desktop for Mac has made the breakthrough all Mac users have secretly dreamed of owning. Parallels has finally given these laptop users the best of both worlds by allowing them to run windows on their Mac without ever missing a beat. People buying a computer always have had to choose between a PC and a Mac. Countless discussions have taken place on whether the more business-like Mac should take precedence over the more fun style of the PC. Thanks to this mini-miracle by Parallels, this debate has been rendered moot.

Running this software is almost like waking up one day and realizing that you speak and comprehend Mandarin Chinese, fluently. You can drag your files and drop them, easily, between the two systems. Remarkably, what you are doing is running windows and Mac OS X side by side. There is no rebooting that needs to be done, and you are getting the best of both Mac and a PC on one virtual machine. Imagine living in a world where you can now play Call of Duty on your Mac.

This software is easy to install, and it is easy to use. It is flexible, giving you up to four options to operate within your machine. The freedom it allows a user is most welcome. Say, for instance, that you are working on Snow Lep, and you want to open the Office 2010 Windows; this software allows you to do so, both quickly and without bother. You can keep all of your Windows apps running while you transition over to Mac.

With Parallels, you are making a virtual copy of your entire PC and putting it on your Mac without compromising anything. It is as though you are mixing the colors red and blue, and still getting red and blue. For the cost of somewhere between fifty and eighty-dollars, you are saving yourself the cost of an entire computer system. With this software, you can even run Windows and Linux on a single PC.

Some users will undoubtedly grumble about the speed that Windows 7 runs at while using this software. It must be said that if you upgrade your machine from two gigabytes, up to four gigabytes, you probably will still not have enough RAM to use this software effectively. Most users say that they have had to ramp up their RAM all the way to eight gigabytes to get the desired speed to run Windows efficiently, but the outcome is worth it.

If there is one constant complaint among the users running this software, it is that the technical support is woefully lacking. One would wonder if that is simply due to a lack of practice. About.com recently awarded Parallels Desktop for Mac their 2011 Readers' Choice Award for having the best-running application for Windows. Recently, Mac Tech ran a number of tests, and Parallels beat the competition in each test, 84 percent of the time. Therefore, it may be understandable if the tech support find themselves caught off-guard when a phone call finally does come in.


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