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Kexpress - Konga Express

Kexpress offers efficient, reliable delivery and storage services to online retail stores in Nigeria. This is a subsidiary of Konga.com (one of the largest online retail stores in Nigeria). Kexpress allows online retailers to seamlessly integrate this service with their online store by simply opening a storefront at Konga Mall.

This allows the business owner the time to focus on other aspects of growing their business. Kexpress takes care of storage and fulfillment of customer's orders.  Konga express ensures safe storage, manages the inventory, packages and delivers the product in a timely manner all across Nigeria. 

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  • Kexpress strives to offers the fastest deliveries to all parts of Nigeria. They also offer abilities to receive payment on delivery and customer returns.

    As an online retailer, you can choose to store your products with Kexpress. This allows them to package and delivery your products to your customers quickly. If you choose to store the products at your location, Kexpress offers efficient pick-up, packaging and subsequent delivery of the products to your customers.

    Official Site: http://kexpress.ng/

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