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InnJoo One Phone in Nigeria


The innjoo one phone is a five inch dual SIM phone that features a premium design. This phone is an obvious upgrade from the company's previous products. The innjoo is built in a very elegant manner; and it is quite evident that the manufacturing company spent the majority of their design time working with the way the phone would look and feel in a customer's hands. It is light weight, weighing only 123 grams and is 6.9mm thin.

The innjoo phone has a completely redesigned look and feel. It has gently curved edges and a wonderfully crafted metallic frame that is wrapped around the phone. The premium and high quality design makes the phone equally competitive with the other high end devices available on the market.

The innjoo one phone features all the standard characteristics such as volume and power buttons. Because this phone features a dual SIM card feature, there are dual trays for the SIM cards on the side of the phone that can be opened using a tiny pin. One of the benefits of the innjoo one phone is that because there are dual SIM cards, it is possible to use both a nano SIM card and a micro SIM card. If you prefer to use a microSD card instead of a nano card, the nano port is also capable of handling microSD cards. The phone also comes standardly equipped with a 13MP camera, loud speaker, flash, charging port, and headphone jack.

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The innjoo one phone features a five inch screen. The screen features a 1280 x 720 pixel resolution. The phone's display provides a clear, bright, and sharp picture that allows the user to have an excellent viewing experience. The innjoo one boasts an HD picture that is excellent for viewing pictures and movies.

The innjoo one phone has a camera that has auto-focus with a flash that sits just below the camera. Although the phone has a decent camera, the picture quality is not the best. The best pictures are taken during the day where there is an abundance of both natural and artificial light. For pictures that are taken with very little light, they tend to appear less sharp and are a lower quality. One feature that is not included in the phone is optical image stabilization, or OIS. Because of this, it is important that you make sure the camera is stable and that the picture is not moving before you go to take a picture.

One of the features that sets the innjoo one phone apart from its competition is the auto scene detection feature. This feature is used to automatically adjust the camera scenes moods depending on what kind of environment you are in. The scenes can switch from sunset, night, sport, and theatre. The camera also has basic features similar to other phones in the market such as face detection, HDR mode, voice capture, beauty face mode, and smile shot.

A very big drawback is that it is not possible to delete some factory installed apps. Apps such as YouTube and various brand specific apps are unable to be removed from the phone. This could be somewhat annoying as they take up unnecessary space.

Another drawback of the innjoo one phone is that the headphone jack of this phone is not universally compatible with other types of headphones. The jack is only compatible with the headphones that come with the phone. The volume level of the phone leaves a lot to be desired, even with the headphones being used. The screen also tends to hold fingerprints more so than other competitive phones in the market.

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