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Infinix Zero X506 Phone


A phone that can help you transcend the barriers of past impossibilities is exactly what the Infinix Zero X506 stands for. Gone are the days when technology conversations had a tendency to lean towards the 'future phone', a mobile device that is almost like a computer, save for size.

An Intelligent Smartphone

There is a huge demand for a phone whose main features comprise more than just picture clarity, a slimline design and a random selection of applications, most of which one rarely uses. The Infinix Zero is equipped with a 1.4GHz Octa Core Cortex A7 standard processor which is not too far off from the conventional processor speeds achievable with a laptop or desktop computer. For a phone this speed was almost unimaginable before as most people hardly used their phones to perform tasks that required flawless processing speeds. As if that were not enough, there is an additional reservoir of processing speed courtesy of an already installed Android KitKat OS v4.4. This feature makes the phone more alert and faster at processing application commands than a regular phone without this feature.

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If you are a person who likes to cool off by playing video games it should come as a surprise that you do not have to be in front of a PC or television set in order to play the hit game of the moment. The powering of graphics is carried out by the Mali 450 Graphics Processor, which is a separate graphics processor for when you wish to play games that were previously offered only on PC only. Google invented this cute and aggressive operating system for a reason. Seeing that most people these days are spending more time on their cellphones than before, it soon became apparent to the technicians at Google that it was time to create a next generation operating system that meets the demands of current trends instead of being rigidly in tune with the old.

Life-like Image Clarity

These days everybody is talking about high definition in just the same way as people in the eighties gave high praises to color television, so why should the Infinix lag behind and not have this extra edge? Infused in this smartphone is a glaring 13 mega pixel camera that combines LED flash and HDR with auto focus in a way that makes you want to smell the roses when you flip through your pictures. It is capable of taking pictures with a resolution of up to 1600 x 1200p! However, all of these sweet characteristics would be a sad waste if the touchscreen was not the 5inch touchscreen that it is, and for your own information it's a high definition touchscreen. Also included is the 294 ppi pixels density and a color output of 16M.

The LCD is Corning Gorilla Glass 3, which is a display with extra resistance to scratches and other inadvertent screen damage. The cost of replacing a damaged screen is upsetting, especially when you like your phone so much that you would rather replace a damaged screen than buy another phone. So knowing that the touchscreen is extra durable must ease any fears you may harbor, for you will love this phone.

Forget-me-not Memory

The storage capacity of the Infinix stands at a decent 16G.

Internet Compatibility

Access to the internet is made possible because it is 3G network supported. Plus, if you happen to be in the close vicinity of an internet network you will know because the Infinix has WiFi connectivity that is built into the phone.

Final Remarks

The Infinix Xero X506 is a phone that any tech savvy person should have.

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