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Shopping for HDTV in Nigeria

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Leading TV channels hardly telecast their programs in analogue format any more. Most of them have switched over to the digital format. The quality of sound and the depth and true to life color reproduction of images in the latter format is gar better than that of the former. In digital telecasting, the TV station first converts the signal to digital data before telecasting it. HDTV pushes the bar further by increasing the number of pixels per square millimeter. In fact, the qualities of these images are similar, if not better, than that shown at multiplexes. Since your normal digital equipment does not possess the electronics to render the extra pixels, you need to purchase a HDTV (high density TV). Here are some tips that you should follow while shopping for HDTV.

Go for the highest resolution
HDTVs are available in a wide range of resolutions. Its resolution determines its picture reproduction abilities. You should go for the highest definition that your budget allows. You should check the alphabet (`i' or `p') affixed just after the resolution number. `I' stands for interlaced and `P' for progressive. In simple language, the picture gun (the electronic component that transforms the signal received by the TV into electronic pulses and displays them on the monitor) of an interlaced TV recreates the image by scanning a number of lines across the screen. In the progressive method, the signal addresses each individual pixel with an `on' or `off' command during the scanning process. You should always go for the `P' option since it can faithfully display both analogue and digital signals. A good quality HDTV, reproduces images at 720 line progressive and 1080 line interlaced.

Display -- Plasma, LCD, or LED
You should also check the type of display when shopping for HDTV. There are three types of displays that you can choose from: Plasma, LCD (liquid crystal display), and LED (light emitting diode). Always opt for a screen that contains a layer of anti glare coating. This prevents reflection of light from other sources from reflecting from the screen.

• Plasma: The contrast ratio of the display is an important factor since it provides more depth to the image. Although all types of HDTVs have contrast controls, none of them offer the depth provided by the plasma TV. The plasma displays also boast excellent brightness, high resolutions, wide viewing angle, and progressive display. In simple terms, this means that the pixels on the screen are lit up simultaneously. Its cons are its inability to reproduce black colors faithfully, phosphor burn in (if a particular part of the screen is subjected to a specific nature of display... like as in a scrolling ticker tape, it results in a ghost image... an image that is etched on the display permanently).

• LCD: Liquid crystal diode displays offer excellent color, amazing pictures, extremely high resolution, no burn in, and are inherently progressive (no electronic scanning guns involved). They consume less power than a plasma display. The drawbacks are poor reproduction of black color, limited brightness, and viewing angle.

• LED: Provides richer & vivid colors, reproduces black color faithfully, consumes the least power, provides the widest viewing angle, and is light in weight. It employs light emitting diodes that have an average lifespan of 100,000 hours. Being a relatively new technology, it is quite expensive. However, its price will fall once mass production begins.

These are the main points you should keep in mind when shopping for HDTV. If you want the best, wait for a couple of months and purchase a LCD TV.

HDTV in NigeriaBuy High Definition TVs Online, Low Prices,
Fast Nationwide Delivery, Shop Jumia.com.


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