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Changes in Nigerians Shopping Behaviour

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Looking back few years, a typical Nigerian would argue with you fervently about online shopping. He'll tell you that the idea is not feasible. He cannot see how Nigerians will trust each other with their financial details online. He is suspicious of what the "419" fraudsters will do with such information if they get hold of it. Can you really blame him for his opinion?

We have come a long way. Nigerians are adopting technology rather quickly and are also embracing online shopping against all odds. More and more Nigerians are shopping online from the comfort of their homes and offices. Among the factors influencing Nigerians online shopping behavious are increased use of mobile devices, the Internet and social media platforms, rising numbers of young affluent Nigerians, changing lifestyle patterns for middle-class consumers, increased consumer awareness and host of other factors.

Government is beginning to see the opportunities that abound in e-commerce in Nigeria and foreign investors are scrambling to get a bite of the Nigerian e-commerce pie. In the next ten years or so, e-Commerce will contribute significantly to economic growth, job and wealth creation in Nigeria. The government must put in place infrastructures to facilitate such growth.

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