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Buy an iPad in Nigeria

The iPad product line currently consists of four different products in three different sizes. The biggest and the smallest devices measure 12.9 inches and 9.7 inches respectively, whereas the third device measures 7.9 inches. The range-topping devices feature enterprise-level processors, meaning they are as powerful as most laptops. All the devices are available in different colors. Moreover, consumers can choose between Wi-Fi only and Wi-Fi + Cellular configurations. With so many options to consider, shopping for iPad can be tough. With that in mind, here are some tips for shopping for iPad to get you started.

Currently, all iPad models come with a minimum 32 GB of internal storage, which is sufficient for the average user thanks to Apple's cloud storage service (iCloud). However, if you need more storage on your device, you can upgrade it to 128 GB. This upgrade costs about $100. In generally, you will need more storage if you intend to save media files such as music and movie files on your device instead of streaming such media. Photos can also take up considerable storage space. More specifically, the 32 GB storage can hold about 10,000 high-resolution photos such as photos shot with the cameras on the fifth-generation iPads. Additionally, you should upgrade to 128 GB if you intend to use your iPad for gaming.

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Internet Connectivity
Depending on your Internet needs, you can choose the standard Wi-Fi connectivity or the Wi-Fi + Cellular connectivity. The former allows an iPad to connect to any available Wi-Fi network whereas the latter would require you to sign up for a data with a phone carrier in order to access Internet on your iPad. A cellular-enabled iPad offers several benefits. Firstly, it contains an Apple SIM that works with any carrier. This means that your device would be able to connect to the Internet even when you are away from a Wi-Fi network. Secondly, it uses a combination of an A-GPS chip and Wi-Fi trilateration to determine its location. A Wi-Fi iPad, on the other hand, uses only Wi-Fi trilateration. With that in mind, all iPad models except the 32 GB 12.9-inch iPad Pro can be equipped with cellular capability at a cost of about $130.

In addition to the must-have iPad case, you will likely require a few more accessories for your device in order to improve the overall user experience. The main considerations when buying iPad accessories include how you intend to use your device and your budget. For instance, if your device will be primarily for writing tasks, then you should buy a physical keyboard because the on-board keyboard may be unsuitable for such tasks. Similarly, if your device will be primarily for drawing tasks, then you would need to buy a stylus.

Benefits of Owning an iPad

Some of the benefits of owning an iPad include:

The App Store -- The app store contains thousands of relatively inexpensive apps specifically designed for the iPad. Additionally, Apple reviews all apps it sells to ensure they are free of malware.

Navigation -- You can use a cellular-enabled iPad, which contain an Assisted-GPS chip and Apple Maps app, as a GPS unit for your car.

Ease of Use -- Despite their cutting-edge features such as multitasking capabilities, iPads are generally easy to use mainly because of their clean and intuitive interfaces.

There are four different models of iPads on the market today. This means that choosing the right device for your needs may be a challenge. Some of the key factors to consider when shopping for iPad include accessories, Internet connectivity and storage. The main benefits of owning an iPad include the app store, ease of use and accurate location data.


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