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Buy iPhone in Nigeria

Apple iPhones are famous across the globe. You can buy them anywhere in the world - perhaps not in Antarctica! Otherwise, you're covered. If you're shopping for iPhones in Nigeria and desperately want the latest and greatest iPhone 7 or the slightly older but still capable iPhone 6s or iPhone 6, you have both online and offline authorized stores selling iPhones. However, you may not get the same bargain and level of service at all stores when shopping for iPhones in the country. Therefore, if you want nothing but the best shopping experience, head to Jumia. In this article, we'll discuss what makes shopping at Jumia different, especially if you're looking for an iPhone.

iPhones on Discount
As far as iPhones go, they are usually discounted from their original market price at Jumia. So, if you're buying an iPhone at Jumia, including the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, you are likely to get the phone at a slightly cheaper price compared to other stores. The best thing about buying an iPhone at Jumia is that you can buy even the older generations. For instance, you can still buy the iPhone 5C (till stocks last) at Jumia. If you like the iPhone 5C for its cheaper price tag or colors, you would have to settle for used or refurbished items elsewhere. At Jumia, you can get it brand new.


Apple iPhones in Nigeria

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Buy Apple iPhones in Ngeria, Low Prices,
Fast Nationwide Delivery, Shop

Jumia thinks about its customers. This is something that cannot necessarily be said about all other stores (online or offline). The products are genuine, which means they are subject to stringent quality testing to confirm their authenticity before they are made available for the public to buy. The store accepts multiple payment options, and entertains returns as well. All products sold come with a 7-day free return policy, in case you are not satisfied with your purchase. The customer service is top-notch and the company's phone lines are open even on weekends. Though there's no round-the-clock telephone access, you always have email to get your point across.

Pan-Africa Presence
Unlike other parts of the world, Nigeria and most other African countries don't have authorized Apple stores. In fact, quite a few don't have any at all. Jumia stands out from the lot. It's reliable, professional, and caters to a few other countries in Africa as well, including Egypt, Kenya, Morocco, and Ghana, to name a few. The store also has pickup stations across Nigeria. If you would like to pick the order yourself, choose the location from the options available.

Jumia First
Have you heard of Amazon Prime expedited delivery? Well, Jumia offers something similar as well, and it's called Jumia First. With this speedy delivery service, iPhones can be delivered within a business day (excluding weekends and public holidays) to all Lagos cities. To other cities, the delivery period could extend by up to five days. The best part is customers do not have to pay extra for Jumia First in the form of subscriptions. The majority of products sold on Jumia are eligible for Jumia First; iPhones are eligible.

Hassle-Free Return Policy
As aforementioned, Jumia acknowledges the fact that some customers may not be happy with their purchase once they see the product in person. Such buyers can notify Jumia about their decision to return the item. Not all items are eligible for return, but iPhones are. So if you want to be sure you would be able to return the product you bought, check Jumia Return conditions. If the product is eligible for a return, you only have to fill an online form, and the instructions thereafter would be self-explanatory. Most importantly, Jumia offers pick-up services so that you do not have to go out of your way to return the item.


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Buy Apple iPhones in Ngeria, Low Prices,
Fast Nationwide Delivery, Shop


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