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    Infinix Hot Infinix Hot: Sleek new android Smartphone from Infinix Mobility, Runs on Android 4.4, glows at night and it's all plastic.


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  • Innjoo Phones  

    Innjoo Phones: InnJoo devices redefine mobility life, which are based on Android.

    Nokia Lumia 530 Nokia Lumia 530: Equipped for HSPA+ speeds and can hold up to 128GB in storage.
    Samsung Galaxy S4 Samsung Galaxy S4: Designed to make your life simple & intuitively moves along with you.
    BlackBerry Passport: Perhaps the only high-end phone with a physical keyboard.
    Sony Xperia Z2: Features an outstanding display and noise cancellation technology.
    Infinix Zero: Runs on Android 4.4. This is why you should own this phone.
    Tecno Phantom Z: Runs on Android 4.4 KitKat OS and has 2GB RAM, 2.0GHz octa-core Cortex-A7 CPU. It has an IPS capacitive touchscreen with 16,000,000 colors.
    CAT B15 Smartphone: This is a waterproof rugged Smartphone designed for the outdoor and runs on Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean, with 4G of internal storage.
      Infinix Hot Note X551: Almost every manufacturer is racing to make and release new smartphones. One of the newest phones to hit the market is the New Infinix Hot Note X551.  
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  • Shopping TRENDS
    Mother's Day Shopping - How To Get Great Bargains: Every year on mother's day, sons, daughters, husbands, and friends celebrate their mothers, maternal bonds, motherhood, and the influence of mothers in society. Every day, really, should be mother's day; however, since this is impossible, there is a single day each year when people can shower the special women in their lives with the attention and gifts they rightly deserve. For all intents and purposes, this special day ranks right up there with thanksgiving or Christmas for most moms. Therefore, the more thought people put into their mother's day shopping, the happier their mothers will be.
      What are Nigerians Buying Online?
    Online Shopping vs. In-Store Shopping : As more and more people are getting enticed with electronic gadgets and the Internet, more buyers are also using online shopping. Some say that buying things online is the new way to shop, but some say that it's better to buy stuff from local stores. There are heaps of pros and cons to both options and here are some of them.  
    Dos and Don'ts of online shopping: Shopping online can be a very enjoyable experience when it is done right. Many people, however, may not know how to shop online because they have never done it before. By understanding some of the following dos and don'ts of online shopping, it can be easy to enjoy a relaxing and rewarding shopping experience, right in the comfort of your own home.
    Changes in Nigerians Shopping Behaviour : Looking back few years, a typical Nigerian would argue with you fervently about online shopping. He'll tell you that the idea is not feasible. He cannot see how Nigerians will trust each other with their financial details online. He is suspicious of what the "419" fraudsters will do with such information if they get hold of it. Can you really blame him for his opinion  

    Why Nigeria Online Shopping?

    Nigeria has a population of about 174 million people. Lagos alone has a population of about 21 million and the streets are often overcrowded. A trip to the shopping mall can literally wipe-out your whole day because of traffic. This is one reason why more and more people are shopping online in Nigeria and consumers are hoping to enjoy the convenience that it affords them. Ecommerce in Nigeria is taking off at a remarkable rate as growing number of mobile phones and data plans available to individuals increases, allowing users to buy and sell items on the Internet at an unprecedented rate. And modern online shopping outlets are targeting the emerging middle class largely due to their increased purchasing power which is also a direct result of economic growth in recent years. Online stores allow people to shop from the comfort of their homes without the pressure of a salesperson, It also saves the consumer the trouble of driving through hectic traffic while attempting to get to a traditional retail store. Nigerians living abroad can purchase high quality items (from the stores reviewed here) and have the items delivered promptly to their loves ones in Nigeria. Here, at Nigeria online shopping, our goal is to help make your online shopping easy and enjoyable. We will give you tips for finding the best deals from the convenience of your home or office.

    Simple Tips to Help You While Shopping Online:

    These tips will help you whether you are shopping online in Nigeria or anywhere in the world.

    1. Plan Ahead By Setting Your Budget: Know How Much You Intend to Spend On the Product Of Interest. Be sure to include delivery cost in your budget.

    2. Determine What is Most Important to You About The Products: What Features Must Be Built into The Product? These features will help you get the product that meets your needs. Are There features that you can't live without and are there features that you are willing to compromise on? Compare products on multiple online sites to determine the best price.

    3. Read online reviews and feedback about the product and reputation of the company selling the products. Buy from a reputable company.

    4. Before you decide to buy the product, check out the terms of the sale. When will you get your product, do you qualify for free shipping and what is the return policy? Who Pays for return shipping cost and is there a restocking fee? What methods of payment does the company accept?

    5. Before you enter your ATM or Credit card information on the site, make sure the site is secure. Make sure the web address begins with https: Most Nigerian online shopping sites do not currently meet this criteria. Therefore you are at risk.

    Why more Nigerians are shopping online

    1. Price- Largest online stores in Nigeria such as Jumia and Konga work on marketplace model i.e. they do not keep all the inventory with themselves, rather, they sell products to consumers from various merchants registered on their website. They are able to offer the products to customers at much cheaper rates.

    2. Wide range of products- This is a great factor that motivates people to shop online. They can explore thousands of products from apparels, books, home appliances, electronics, phones, clothing accessories and a lot more ( from the comfort of their home).

    3. Cash on Delivery: The main online retailers offer "cash on delivery" option on most of their transactions. This allows the customer to actually inspect the product before paying for it.

    4. Company Reviews: One of my friends decided to make his first (ever) online purchase because of the great review he read online about another customer's shopping experience with

    One of the major drawbacks of online shopping is the lack of that personal touch or contact with the sales person. And consumers are often afraid of shopping online.


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